I by no means think I’m all knowing about really…anything, but I sure do love to learn about the topics I’m interested in! Whether it’s following a new account or blog, reading books on the topics, experimenting with different routines, or watching countless YouTube videos…I want to learn more!

So I’ve included a Resources tab to be able to share about all the great things that I find helpful, efficient, interesting, or just flat out inspiring! Feel free to choose from the drop-down menu under my Resources tab to find what I’m loving as well as resources I’ve created to help me along my journey to a happy and healthy Life After Loser, post The Biggest Loser show days and the craziness that chapter of my life created.

Make sure to leave me comments or send me an email and let me know what you’re loving, or if there are other resources you’d like to see or are curious about!

Now let’s get learning!