I LOVE to cook…like LOVE it!! It’s my form of creativity, relaxation, and it even has some reminiscent qualities when I make old family favorites, or try to adapt them into something that won’t add 10 lbs the minute you smell it!

Most of my recipes are on the healthier side, because let’s be real…this girl is still actively trying to lose weight and get to goals I’ve set for myself, but real life and real “food freedom” as Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of the Whole 30 program refers to it, is having some comfort food, or food that has a special meaning to you, every now and then and not feeling bad about it one.little.bit.

So feel free to choose from the drop down menu under my Recipes tab to find what your little heart desires, and make sure to leave me a comment on how you like it or how you’ve adapted it to make it your own new favorite, and make sure to tag me if you like to show your creations off to the world (like I obviously do) with my Instagram handle @JessicaDelfsBL10 and #LifeAfterLoserRecipes so I can see your awesome creations and give you that shout out you deserve!

Happy Cooking!!