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Jessica Delfs Before AFterWelcome to my blog “Life After Loser”! This is where I connect with friends, family and most importantly my fans who have supported me and encouraged me since my time on The Biggest Loser back in 2010. I can’t believe it’s been that long, and there’s been so many things I’ve learned since my time on the show about myself, what works for me and what doesn’t, and most of all finding a balance between what we were taught on the show was the ONLY way to lose weight, and what is realistic for us outside of such a controlled environment.

I started my journey back in 2006 when I reached a weight of 385 lbs at just 24 years old. I felt like I had tried every diet, every pill, every workout routine and I kept gaining weight year after year. I was desperate, for lack of a better word, and thought that surgical weight loss was my only choice. I underwent Lap-Band  surgery and within the first year I had lost 100 lbs!! I was elated and thought, “FINALLY…this is what I’ve waited for.” But then it stalled out. For three years I didn’t gain a pound, but I wasn’t losing anymore either. I was devastated still being stuck at 285 lbs after all of the money and pain I had invested in this surgical procedure.

I was working a full-time job one day surfing the internet like most of us do when we don’t want to work, and came across this open call announcement for The Biggest Loser in Phoenix, AZ the NEXT DAY! I don’t know what pushed me, but I called my mom and said, “Mom, we HAVE to go to this. I really want to try and just see what it’s all about!!” She agreed and that night we made the hour drive up to Phoenix. We were one of the first 200 people in line out of almost 5,000 that eventually showed up and we STILL stood outside for almost 7 HOURS waiting to be seen by the casting directors.

While we were outside I saw this guy walk by that I recognized from an earlier season of The Biggest Loser and realized it was Sione Fa, who also lived in Phoenix. I was immediately starstruck, but mustered the courage to walk up and talk to him. I asked for his advice and we talked for a little bit before I went in…little did I know that Sione would become one of my biggest supporters and greatest friend for the years to come…

Once we finally got into the stadium they broke us off into groups and asked us one question and waited to see what the response would be. Me, being the outgoing person I am IMMEDIATELY started talking lol, giving my opinion about everything. They took everyone’s pictures and applications and sent us on our way. Seven hours in line all to sit for less than 10 minutes in a group of 10 other people, talk for a couple minutes, then be dismissed. I left thinking, “yeah right…talk about no chance.” Me and my mom started the drive back and she asked me all about it, and as I was explaining what the ten minutes we spent apart were like, tears started streaming down my face. I looked at her and she was crying too. I think in that moment we both knew things were shifting, but I STILL thought there was NO WAY I’d hear from them again, but oh was I wrong.

Later that night I get a phone call from this girl Holland, one of the casting directors asking me if I’d be available to meet with them one on one the next day (mind you I was already back in Tucson an hour away), “OF COURSE!!!!!” So the next morning I drove back up to Phoenix and met with the two casting directors, Holland and Brandon, who would change my life forever. To this day they hold a special place in my heart, and are more my friends than anything else. Without them I would still be stuck where I was. I met with them and they video taped me answering what seemed like a million questions and then they told me, “if we decide to move forward with you, we’ll be in touch.” Again, I thought this all had been fun, but there were too many people in the running, and it wouldn’t go beyond that. Much to my surprise, it did! I made it all the way to the end before they invite the finalist out to California for one last round of interviews, fittings, medical tests, psych tests, and everything else before choosing who makes it on the show. Brandon called me one night and said, “Jess, I don’t think it’s gonna happen this time. They already picked someone else that looks a lot like you for this season (which was season 8) but we want you to try again next season. We won’t make you go through everything all over again, but I want you back.” Tears ran down my face and thought to myself, “yeah right.”

Well I couldn’t stay away and tried again the next season, and it happened again! I made it all the way to the end and didn’t make it on season 9, but they “wanted me back.” This next time was different though, Brandon called me directly and said, “you’re trying out a third time.” I approached it differently than the last two times thinking the outcome would be the same. But this time I moved through the process WAY faster than I had the last two times, and THIS TIME they invited me out to LA for finals week! Long story short I made it onto season 10 of the show!Jessica Delfs Current

During my time on the show I lost an additional 92 lbs in 6 months!! I learned things about myself mentally, physically, and spiritually that I know I would have never learned if I hadn’t been given that opportunity. I came out of the experience thinking I knew everything there was to know about health, fitness, and weight loss. I worked in a gym as a nutritionist, I traveled the country doing post BL events and speaking engagements and thought I had finally figured it all out. Then “real life” came back and I realized that a year after the show I needed to go back to full time work…and that’s when my body started to wage war on me…

During year two after the show I slowly started to gain weight. I was working full time again in an office setting, sitting for nearly 10 hours a day, a vast contrast to working in a gym and getting to workout in between clients. The weight started coming back on quicker and quicker, even though I was still working out and eating healthy, but had stabilized at about 30 lbs over my finale weight. At the beginning of year three after the show is when it all fell apart. I was told that my Lap-Band had created a hietal hernia at the top of my esophagus and was causing me to have acid reflux so bad, that I would wake up choking on acid and blood almost every night. I wasn’t given a choice, the Lap-Band had to come out and I was devastated. I had never lost weight without it and I feared that I’d end up back at nearly 400 lbs without it. Fast forward 10 months and I had gained 100 lbs!!!

My body couldn’t keep up with how quickly I was gaining and started to cause other problems. It wasn’t until I teamed up with some of my other BL Alumni at the season 15 finale that I started to talk with them about how they were keeping the weight off, or had recently lost more weight they had put on since the show. There was a routine and program that they were utilizing and so I thought I’d give it a try. Since then I’ve started to lose weight again and learning to find the balance in my life between what I learned on the show, and what is realistic for someone who works full time and can’t exercise 4-6 hours a day. The numbers are coming down again, and for the first time it’s not a sprint session to lose it all again. If it takes a year, then so be it. As long as it’s healthier and more sustainable I’m a happy girl.

I started this blog to share that journey and for everyone to see that even the most educated people still struggle. There’s no “golden ticket”, believe me I’ve tried all of them…including being on an international TV show lol! This is a journey that will never end, and it’s all about finding the life that you’re comfortable and happy about sustaining for the rest of your life. I’ve picked up a lot of tips, tricks, and secrets to help along the way and I hope that by sharing my experiences, favorite tools and products, fun workouts, and the motivation that gets me through the day, that it will help you enjoy your journey too.

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