Secret Weapon Salad & Go-To Dressing

Have you ever come across one of those recipes that you could never get too much of? Like that one simple thing that you could make with your eyes closed, because it's so ingrained in your head? Well this secret weapon salad is that for me! When I'm really sticking to my routine and droppin' … Continue reading Secret Weapon Salad & Go-To Dressing


Instant Pot Artichokes with Whole 30 Lemon Aioli

I LOVE artichoke LOVE them. But in the past I've always been deterred because of all the prep, and then steaming, and waiting...but not anymore!! If you have heard me rave about my Instant Pot, well you go. That thing has changed my life, my meal prep game, and saved me so much … Continue reading Instant Pot Artichokes with Whole 30 Lemon Aioli