Whole 30 & Paleo Amazon Faves

Whole 30 and Paleo can seem really restricting the first time around, and to an extent it can be. But if you start to learn how to read labels and get connected into the community to learn more about the products that other people are loving and using, you’ll soon find out there are so many other options for “restricted” foods, that you don’t even seem deprived!

The one thing that can be hard is that not every health food store sells all these great brands you hear about, or if they do, the price could be crazy! Enter our good friends over at Amazon!!


Paleo Amazon Haul (1)


Amazon is not only great in terms of pricing and shipping (can we say PRIME), but it was so much easier for me to put in one order to get everything I was looking for, instead of having to run around to all these health and specialty stores that may or may not have them in stock.

Below are some of my faves, with links to each if you’re wanting to check them out! Just click on the pictures below to be taken straight to that Amazon page! They were definitely a life saver for me during my Whole 30 rounds and following more of a Paleo diet after Whole 30! Just click on the picture and it’ll take you straight to amazon to grab some for yourself!

I make a small commission if you purchase these items through the links below (I’m promoting them because I actually use them!) But those commissions go right back into the blog to create even greater content, so I’d love your support!


Whole 30 Essentials - NutpodsFood Freedom - Siete Chips Almond Tortillas

Whole 30 Essentials - Fourth and Heart



Fave Snacks - Epic Bar

Fave Snacks - Happy Baby       Whole 30 Essentials - Vital Proteins

Fave Snacks - Larabar               Fave Snacks - Rx Bar              Fave Snacks - Chomps

Fave Snacks - Apple Chips

If you have other favorite finds on Amazon to make Whole 30 and Paleo even easier to follow, I’d love to know about them! Just leave me a comment below so we can all check them out!

Happy Shopping!!

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