The Definition of a Journey

Weight loss journeys suck…there, I said it. They are hard, discouraging, exciting, encouraging, tempting, educating, and all of this usually at the same time. Now that I’m doing this “all by myself” with no weight loss surgeries or international weight loss reality shows, I’m learning so much more about myself, and why it’s been so hard to keep the weight off.

Of course I want it to go faster. Of course I don’t want to reach goals, only for there to be weight gain the next day. But that’s why they call it a “journey.” If you look at the definitions of journey one says a journey is “A process or course likened to traveling, such as a series of trying experiences; a passage.” I loved the words TRYING EXPERIENCES. It doesn’t say “a clear path with no obstacles and a quick arrival”, but yet it clarifies by saying a “series” of experiences…good and bad.

There have been triumphant times so far on this new journey, and there have been “trying experiences” but instead of giving in (which I still have at times) I’m starting to learn that these times are the most important times, to learn, to reflect, and to move on with no guilt or shame pulling you back into destructive behavior any longer than necessary.

I’ve lost 200 lbs once in my life, and I’m on the journey of doing it all over again. I’m only about 10% down that road, but I’ve learned a few things this time that I hadn’t the first time around. There are a few key things that I have learned about myself so far that hopefully will help you on this crazy journey we call “weight loss.”

My Top 3 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far:

1. Making mistakes, and giving into temptation doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it means you’re learning. As long as you get back up and keep trying, it’s just as much of a success.

2. I will never be able to “have just one” or “have just a little.” I know that about myself now and need to guard myself from tempting situations.

3. Discouragement and stress are my number one triggers to binge. If I don’t see the fruits of my labors each week, my urge to binge sky rockets. Some times I make it through, and sometimes I don’t. But I’m working on fighting that temptation each time and getting better at it.

This journey is far from over, and I love that I can share with you how truly difficult it is, even for someone who’s done it all before. We will get there…I will get there…with help from our support systems, and being gentle with ourselves along the way.

If you have lessons you’ve learned, or things that have helped you on your journey, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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