Why Not Weighing Myself Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made

UnknownHere’s how you know your mind is finally relearning a few things about a realistic and positive weight loss journey…

Yesterday I was at Tucson Bariatric for an appt that had nothing to do with surgery or weight loss…long story…anyway, the Dr. asks as I’m leaving, “would you like to step on the scale while you’re here?” and I emphatically said “NO…I’m good :)”

After bariatric surgery in 2006, and ESPECIALLY during and after being on the biggest loser, seeing that number was the only thing that I would measure my success by. Ever since I took a vow to only weigh once a month I have found that I stay encouraged much longer than just one week at a time. Let’s face it…I’m not going to be losing 10 lbs a week like I did after surgery or while being on a weight loss competition. So unless I see big numbers these days I feel like I’m failing, which we all know isn’t the truth.

Not weighing myself has been the most positive move I’ve ever made in my health journey. I still feel changes happening in my body, clothes, and mind, and as long as that keeps happening I know it’s working 🙂 I highly recommend if you’re on an eating and exercise plan to give yourself the first four weeks off from the scale as your body is adapting from this new program. Trust the program and goals you’ve set for yourself. Take the number goal out of the game. Don’t let a number discourage you like it did me. Checking in every now and then is great, but being a slave to that number like I was for 8 years isn’t going to help the mental part of the game, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

Now I focus on weekly goals like how many times I’m going to work out, adding a few more minutes to my HIIT cardio each time I do it, meeting my calorie intake and macro/micro breakout each day. I take notice of how my clothes feel more now than ever. I focus on how certain foods make me feel, and making sure I get my water intake goal met every day. There’s so many things that you can still use as measurement tools other than that number. Focus on those for a month or so, then you can check in and see where you are.

*Important* I still think the number is important in moderation, especially if you’re not feeling any physical changes after a month or so. Checking in is still a good thing, but allowing that number to dictate your feeling of success every seven days isn’t. I hope this has encouraged you as much as it’s encouraged me. Give it a try…I promise you’ll notice a difference.


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