What To Do After A Binge

bingeeatingYou’re sitting there staring at an empty chip bag, left over chicken wing bones, or the crumbs leftover from the entire pan of brownies you just ate…now what?


If you’ve ever been in this situation and looked back at the carnage with out even remembering every bite you took, and couldn’t stop yourself in the midst of the binge, you’re not alone! Most people have had a moment like this at some point or the other. It’s not great, but it happens. So what do you do to help you get over the binge faster and as comfortably as possible? Below are some of the tips and tricks I’ve collected along my journey: [Read more…]


Can you guess how many calories this salad has?

thumb_600So you walk into a restaurant and tell yourself you’re going to be “good.” You’re gonna stick to “lean and green” options like you keep hearing all these health nuts and BL Alumni members talk about. You automatically skip the appetizers, ask the waiter to not even BRING the bread, and you opt for lemon water. You’re feeling great about your choices, and decide to go with a chicken salad with caesar dressing. OK, you know the dressing isn’t the healthiest, but it’s a salad with grilled chicken, you can spare a few calories for a yummy dressing…This is the problem with a majority of people’s weight issues in America. You think you’re making good choices, and then you’re slapped in the face with a harsh reality that you just scarfed down an ENTIRE DAY’S worth of calories in a SALAD!! Case in point this Cheesecake Factory Chicken Caesar Salad…check out below how this bad boy breaks down.

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Calorie Comparison: Pasta Bolognese

Calorie ComparisonI’m excited to introduce a new topic on my blog, “Calorie Comparison” where I compare a common restaurant dish with a MUCH lighter version, and the recipe where you can make it! This week I’m comparing one of my FAVES, pasta bolognese. I’ll be honest I make a mean bolognese sauce, but it isn’t the healthiest so I try to find lighter versions of my favorites. No one says you can’t enjoy clean eating and have tasty options. It’s all about the effort you make in finding those on Pinterest, Google, or other clean eating blogs. So let’s get into comparing these dishes and see just how drastically the nutrition info differs from one to the other…

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How I get all my clean eating produce for $10

VegetablesOne of the biggest excuses I hear when people tell me they don’t eat clean is that “it costs too much!” Unless you’re doing all of your shopping at Whole Foods, then that is the farthest thing from the truth. What they really mean is, “I don’t want to, and that’s the easiest excuse.” Check out my recent post “Five Steps To Navigate The Grocery Store” to learn more about all around savings, or read on to learn the cheapest way to get a TON of fruit and veggies for less than one meal out!

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Five Steps To Navigate The Grocery Store

healthy-food-7People ask me all the time, “what do you eat?” It’s kind of funny to me still how people will literally follow me around a grocery store and see what I put in my cart! There’s even those people who think they know best and ask me, “should you be buying that?” If I’m being honest every part of me would like to put them in their place, but let’s face it…not everyone really knows what they’re talking about. There are simple steps that were taught to me by our Nutritionist on The Biggest Loser, Dr. Cheryl Forberg, when she took us on a grocery store tour near the ranch. Here are my steps for navigating the grocery stores and staying on a budget, even with a healthy shopping list.

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