Seven Weeks & Four Epiphanies …

So now that I’m at the seven week mark of this new journey I think it’s time for some reflection. Have I been perfect…no. Have I learned a lot…yes. But let’s be real; if we could all start something and stick to it perfectly our lives would be a heck of a lot easier. See, there’s these little things called “bad habits”, “addictions”, and “temptations.” The journey to a healthier lifestyle isn’t always about food prep and workouts, sometimes that’s the easiest part. It’s about learning why you got off track to begin with. What are your weaknesses, strengths, and bad habits that need to be broken. Until you can figure that out, you will ALWAYS make your way back to that low point whether its a couple months, or in my case a couple years later. Here’s what I’ve learned these last seven weeks…

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Guilt Free Spinach Dip?!?!

spinach kale dip trader joes OK…we’ve all been there. You have an insane craving for something crunchy that you can dip in to something creamy and delicious. Chips and dip…no way, but veggies and spinach dip, I can do!

Recently I found Trader Joe’s Reduced-Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip…and can I just say it tastes JUST like regular spinach dip with all the fat!! The nutrition content is insane and totally worth every calorie, which isn’t that many. Two heaping tablespoons boasts only 30 calories, 2.5g of fat, 0g sat. fat, 150mg of sodium, 2g of carbs, and 1g of protein! You could have a quarter cup for just double those figures and still have a really healthy indulgence with some crunchy veggies!!

What I love most about the dip is that there are still big chunks of veggies in it, so it’s not pureed to death 🙂 You’re not able to buy it online, but it’s available in every Trader Joe’s I’ve visited (and believe me…I check lol!) I alway buy one of their assorted bags of cut up veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots along with one container of dip and snack on that during road trips, at the office, or just during that suspenseful game that pushes you to stress eat lol!

Definitely go grab a container today, you won’t be sorry!! Let me know what your favorite way to eat the Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip is. I always like to try new variations of my faves, and check out Trader Joe’s website for locations near you!!


A Mind & Body On Different Pages

Well my first month is done and over and I’m feeling good…not great. Did I lose a big chunk of weight this month, yes, am I frustrated that I’m already plateauing in week 4, yes. I’ve followed my plan, returned to my fave workout and yet I didn’t lose a pound this week.

Even though it’s totally frustrating, I’m not going to stop. I’ve learned that the body will fight to keep weight on. It will fight to stay in it’s “comfort zone” and there are little periods of time through out the journey when it will just stop doing the logical thing and fights to keep the weight on. It’s like playing chicken with your metabolism…who’s gonna give in first.  [Read more…]

Settling In To A New Routine

So this week won’t be as long or as deep as my first couple weeks on this new journey, but I still wanted to share a fun little “mindset change” that’s been happening this past week. I’ve fluctuated a little, but I still lost this week, bringing my total to -15 lbs down in just three weeks! [Read more…]

This Is Where It Gets Real

So, as promised I’m posting about Week 2 on my new journey back to being my best self. I’ll be honest, this past week was so much harder than Week 1. You know when you start anything new, you’re “all-in” but then comes the next week and that’s when your mind and body start to get tired of this new routine and try to pull you back into that comfort zone it’s used to..laziness, bad decisions, and bad habits.

Well I encountered all of that this past week. Work was stressful, life was stressful and before I knew it, I was giving in to bad habits again and reaching for that comfort food that always brought me solice…for the 5 minutes I was eating it…then the guilt sets in and it becomes a vicious cycle. I’ll be honest, I was able to control myself most of the time, but there were a couple times I had given in before I really even realized what I was doing. This is the definition of a “habit” and mine always involve food in some way… [Read more…]